The 505 Circle Story

505 Circle is a media platform that showcases inspirational stories and the journey of thought leaders and creators from different walks of life.

It works on the premise of “Inspire and be Inspired”

With 505 Circle we bring out a deep-rooted desire of expression through the confines of a complex ever changing universe and provide an amalgamation of thoughts, encapsulated in a digital space entailing well-articulated thought provoking content and stories in diverse areas such as Leadership, Motivation, Life Hacks, Technology, Arts, Fitness & Wellness, Advertising and Beyond..


Join the powerful vibration of "POSITIVE" change


About Kushagra

The way I see it - We are “Energy” and we have to channelize and tap into this field to cross the “Chasm” by taking a leap of faith in everything that we do and go through life's infinite journey of possibilities.

I am an Inspiration and Motivation Evangelist, Storyteller,Podcast Host, Author, Passionate Marketer and a Digital Creator who is making wisdom go viral.

I believe in the collusion of “Arts & Science” and through 505 circle I attempt to bring out – A powerful vibration of positive change by tapping into the journey of infinite possibilities.